YPDP host lunch discussion with MEP Reda on EU copyright reform

On 1 July more than 30 YPDPs took the opportunity for an exclusive lunch meeting with MEP Julia Reda to discuss her fight to modernise Europe’s copyright regime.

As Rapporteur of the European Parliament’s Report on the EU copyright reform, Julia shared her insights on the discussion and explained her broader vision for digital policy.

Many thanks to BEUC for hosting this event.

Help us to raise funds for Close The Gap

Hi all,

On 31 May, the YPDP will be participating in the 20k Brussels Run to raise money for non-profit organistion “Close the Gap“. Although it might be a challenge for some of us to complete this race, we will be especially motivated by the excitement of knowing that it will benefit such a worthy cause.

Now, we are asking you, your colleagues, employers, or friends to consider donating money for this event. We have two ambitious goals: First that all of us complete the race and second to raise as much money as possible.

We would greatly appreciate your consideration by making a donation. All donations go directly to Close The Gap. Donating is very easy. Just check out our eventbrite donation page. Feel free to tweet and share the link and promote our cause.

More information about our fundraising project can be found at their website close-the-gap.org.

Many thanks!

The YPDP team